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Sportsbook reviews – Good websites for betting CFL games, props

At CFLpass, we’re into CFL betting and have played at a few online sportsbooks. Below run our impressions of some sportsbooks that we’ve checked out recently. In the interests of full disclosure, we hereby note that the sites listed below partner with CFLpass. To some extent that means these reviews present a positive impression, but please believe that any partnering site of CFLpass has been quality tested for not only offerings, but customer service and security as well.

MyBookie online sportsbook: 11/10 for customer service

MyBookie sportsbook bonusesAlong with essentially all North American sports leagues, Canadian football is rapidly becoming a 12-month league – and that means CFL betting year ’round. MyBookie is hardly the biggest international sportsbook on the internets (a handful of UK- and Europe-based online bookmakers have truly staggering catalogues with sports most have never even heard of), but their offerings on CFL games are just as good as the big boys’.

Note, too, that MyBookie is currently offering an exclusive bonus offer via CFLpass: Enter the promo code CFLPASS when signing up and enjoy a 50% match for up to $1,000 in bonus betting money.

MyBookie is well-established enough at this point to inspire trust, but when a prospective better is in doubt about any transaction or offerings, that’s when MyBookie really shines. Say what you will in your best podcasting voice about how this online sportsbook “has been offering lines, odds and proposition bets for years,” but here’s the real nitty-gritty: MyBookie stands alone among online sportsbooks in customer service.

Customer service at My Bookie offers the basic troika of contact methods, i.e. via phone, chat or email. Email responses are thorough and clear, though naturally no one can guarantee when any issues might be addressed via this method. Chat is quick and responsive, too, but where MyBookie really excels over all other online sportsbooks is in the phone customer service.

CFLpass has no clue how MyBookie hires such an excellent staff, but the folks working the phone lines are in general incredibly knowledgeable about the MyBookie software, the sportsbook offerings, bonus deals and payment methods. With nearly any problem at all, assistance is available and bettors should feel free to call with any questions or concerns for excellent results.

(Incidentally, MyBookie customer service always has Spanish-language speakers available to serve as well as French and a few other languages.)

And for those into the whole gambling experience beyond the sportsbook, MyBookie makes an excellent choice. At this sportsbook, casino games go beyond the afterthought they so often are at far too m any sites: The virtual game room boasts 27 different table games including absolute Las Vegas staples such as casino blackjack and roulette, together with about 300 slot titles and a dozen or so video poker variations.

Deposit methods are nicely varied. Methods to deposit at the MyBookie cashier include:

• Visa/Mastercard (for deposits of $45-$1,000);
• Bitcoin/virtual currency (for deposits of $25-$10,000);
• Wire Transfer (for deposits of at least $2,000);
• ACH (for deposits of at least $100);
• Personal check (for deposits of $100-$2,500); and
• Phone Transfer (for deposits of $$45-$1,000).

tl;dr version: MyBookie offers thousands of lines daily and nearly all popular CFL bets even during the off-season. Methods of deposit are nicely varied, and the customer service is second to none. Cash in with a 50% bonus for up to $1,000 in free bets with promo code CFLPASS.

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XBet online sportsbook review: Up-and-comer is one to watch

XBet alternate online sportsbookXBet alternate online sportsbookXBet (website address is an up-and-coming sportsbook website focused on North American sports and customers. This isn’t quite one of the top players in the online sportsbook world – or even the CFL betting sphere – but it seems unlikely to stay on the second tier of popularity for long. Is this truly, as the motto claims, “The last sportsbook you will ever join?” Wellllllllllll, probably not. Xbet is definitely one to try out, however.

(If you’re looking for a new spot to bet, we’ll give you added incentive to play at XBet: In conjunction with CFLpass, the XBet sportsbook is offering a 100% match bonus on your first deposit for up to $300 in free bets! Just enter the promo code XBPASS. Nice.)

The look of XBet is certainly fetching: At once, it’s familiar but uniquely personalized with some awesome graphics. Cruising around the site in preparation for this piece, we found stylized versions of Mike Trout, Stephon Curry and Falcao. The odds pages themselves are laid out in what is becoming a standard format – a slightly gussied-up version of My Bookie.

Deposit methods at the XBet cashier include:

• Visa/Mastercard (for deposits of $45-$1,000);
• Bitcoin/virtual currency (for deposits of $25-$10,000);
• Wire Transfer (for deposits of at least $2,000);
• ACH (for deposits of at least $100);
• Personal check (for deposits of $100-$2,500); and
• Phone Transfer (for deposits of $45-$1,000).

Customer service is always available 24/7 online as well as via phone most hours; the folks at XBet are very helpful in most areas. You may be relying on XBet customer service, because if the last evidence of growing pains shows anywhere, it’s in payout times.

Generally speaking, the bigger the online sportsbook is, the more efficient and less demanding do withdrawals tend to get. We’d suspect that this area of XBet will improve in time, but for now, you’ll have to expect a couple days’ longer wait than at other sportsbooks.

tl;dr version: XBet still has some minor shortcomings due to its status as a relatively new player in the North American sports betting market, but makes up for these with good customer service, interesting design elements and an exclusive 100% bonus on first deposits with the coupon code XBPASS.

Zbet offers CFL betting