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Mobile betting – Bet on CFL games from your iOS or Android device

When you’re mobile betting at a quality online sportsbook, convenience is everything. Sportbooks urge you to back your team, player or game anywhere, anytime with mobile betting; and while such a pitch may appear much more urgent for NHL, NBA and MLB games – after all, these leagues play every night at varied times for months – as experienced CFL bettors we can tell you that some CFL bets come down to minutes before kickoff.

With the mobile phone and related gadgets beyond ubiquitous, new mobile betting apps become available on the mass market regularly, while the established names constantly upgrade and adapt to new technologies, software, etc.

While online casinos are lagging a bit with their offerings in the mobile and smartphone mediums, as these are only capable of putting forth limited product, mobile sportsbooks typically offer everything the online sportsbook does. This disparity will only widen in the future, with sports betting rapidly become legalised across North America.

Any reputable bookmaker will today have the proper sports betting apps for whether iOS or Android, and the mobile sports betting experience should be no different than wagering online – or transacting any sort of business, really. Just pick the sportsbook of your choice (you might want to check out CFLpass’s exclusive promo code offers to get yourself free playing money at selected ’books), register as at any e-commerce site, select the game or bet, confirm the wager amount and win! (Hopefully.)

Mobile sports betting gives you access to all the offerings at great Vegas-style sportsbooks right from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. And don’t worry about safety and security: Keep your information secure with an internationally-certified and -audited sportsbook website partnered with CFLpass.