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CFL Podcasts: Canadian Football Podcast Network shows, links and more

Since the very dawn of this wacky genre known as podcasting, CFL podcasts have served an integral purpose for to CFL fans from the Maritimes to British Columbia. Perhaps only in Saskatchewan has CFL football truly ever been given its proper due in local sports media, and naturally the national media deprioritizes Canadian pro football games ostensibly played in the giant shadow of the NFL.

Thus do podcasts fill the gap in coverage for CFL fan communities, providing great audio entertainment in the CFL’s language (and we’re not talking the strange argot Rod Black speaks, either). At least two pan-CFL podcast networks exist, and every team has at least a couple podcasts with coverage.

And the league itself is taking note: Throughout the 2010s, the CFL has evermore recognized CFL podcasts as a crucial part of the sport’s media coverage. Though a team here and there has denied access to current players, most CFL podcasts enjoy as close a relationship with local team officials as with the listeners.

No podcast is branded with the CFLpass mark, but if we do have a home podcast, that would be the Rouge, White and Blue CFL Podcast. This one’s produced/co-hosted by Minister of Content Os Davis and longtime CFL devotee Joe Pritchard. Listen to the latest episode below.

RWB is a member of the Canadian Football Podcast Network, an association of the below-listed 15 (at present) CFL podcasts, most the pioneer podcast of the given market; any are recommended with complete confidence.

•  The 2 and Out CFL Podcast – covers the entire CFL, including fantasy football.

•  2 Guys, 1 Grey Cup – expats in Japan (!) host the CFL podcast billed as “Tokyo’s Unofficial CFL Podcast.”

•  Alouettes Flight Deck – English-language coverage of Quebec’s CFL team.

•  Argos Fancast – Canada’s biggest city is generally notoriously apathetic about its CFL team. This podcast hopes to turn that tide a bit.

•  The BC Lions Den Pawdcast – what was originally a fan blog has grown to epic proportions, with the Pawdcast taking center stage.

•  The Canadian Football Countdown – this Winnipeg-based podcast covers the whole CFL; its recording is broadcast live.

•  Blue Bomber Talk – 3 Down Nation writer John Hodge hosts this Bombers-centric podcast.

•  The Eskimo Empire Podcast – these guys actually have an in-home studio devoted to recording this podcast, and former players are frequent guests. 

•  Horsemen Radio – based at, this podcast was once merely the logical extension of its massive Calgary Stampeders fan forum.

•  Mouchoir! A Redblacks Podcast – two ladies host this slick production, a relative newcomer to the CFL podcast game (episode 1 aired in late May 2018).

•  Piffles Podcast – fun stuff from (at least) three Saskatchewan Roughriders fans has a following large enough to schedule bus trips to the Banjo Bowl.
•  Podskee Wee Wee – frequently hilarious, usually worth a listen even if you’re not a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan.

•  The Rouge Radio Podcast – founded in the first year of their hometown Ottawa Redblacks. 

•  The Wood Cookie Sawcast – this California-based podcast has got to be the first CFL *team*-centric production from outside Canada. The subject is of course those Redblacks.

Also noteworthy are the 3 Down Nation podcasts. Blue Bomber Talk, Horsemen Radio and Podskee Wee Wee are among those in that network; further ’casts there worth a listen to include the 3 Down Nation-branded podcast and Green Cast, a Roughriders-centric podcast which spares some time for microbrew reviews as the hosts enjoy a quaff while talking Saskatchewan football.