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CFL odds, lines, point spread betting news, plus tips and promo codes

Most first-time or novice bettors rarely think past the point spread, money line and over/under bets when wagering on CFL football games. If one digs a little deeper, however, a plethora of interesting betting opportunities may be revealed! See below on how to maneuver your way around a sportsbook website. As for a recommendation, right now we're touting MyBookie; click directly below and enter promo code CFLPASS for a 50% bonus on deposit.

To give an idea of typical betting markets on offer, one top-5 betting website in mid-March listed bets in American football; Australian Rules football; badminton; baseball; basketball; billiards/snooker; boxing/MMA; cricket; curling; cycling; darts; e-sports; floorball; futsal; Gaelic sports; golf; greyhound racing (where is this even legal anymore?); handball; hockey, including NHL, NCAA and 33 other leagues in 15 countries; horse racing; motor sports, including Formula 1, Nascar, Motorbikes, Supercars and others); rowing; rugby including Rugby League, Union and World Cup; skiing and ski jumping; soccer; squash; surfing; tennis; volleyball; water polo; and wrestling (that’s *NCAA* wrestling, not professional, you jokers).

Now *that’s* a lot of sports betting – but let’s stay focused on CFL betting. Some online sportsbooks will list “CFL” or “Canadian football” as distinct entries in the table of contents. Otherwise, you’ll have to look under “American football” or “football.” (Sheesh, it’s almost as though people have forgotten that modern gridiron football was first played in Canada…)

Point and click on the appropriate tab for CFL betting, as described directly above, and this should open a webpage displaying those bets, lines, odds and futures for CFL football. Naturally the available futures and proposition bets will depend on the point of the season in which you’re seeking to bet, though props like “To win the Grey Cup” and “To win the Conference” should be bettable throughout the season.

In terms of more traditional, week-to-week betting, those looking to bet on CFL games during the regular season should see a list of the current week’s games, along with the offerings that are of course the overwhelming favourite of customers, namely the point spread, money lines and over/under.

A brief rejoinder for those not 100% up on the terminology defined each major type of bet on football:

Placing a bet on one of these offerings is a simple matter of, again, pointing and clicking. This will put the prospective bet on a virtual betting slip displayed somewhere on the screen – but don’t worry, you haven’t spent money yet.

Some online sportsbooks will allow the bettor to accumulate several bets on a single betting slip, while others will require you to pay up, put the slip in the shopping cart (or equivalent) or clear it altogether. In either case, the bettor is allowed to add more bets onto the slip for purposes of parlays and teasers.

Note, too, that most sites may offer quite a few more proposition bets on CFL games – especially during the playoffs. So-called player props like “Bo Levi Mitchell to throw over 325 yards” are not nearly as commonly seen as in NFL betting, but some point-scoring props are available before the postseason as well.

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