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CFL vs NFL - What’s the difference?

If you’re a fan of American Football, you would probably already know there are two major leagues out there for the sport; the National Football League, or NFL in short, which is based in the USA, and the Canadian Football League, or CFL, which is based in Canada. What fans might not notice is that the difference between these two sports leagues doesn’t just stop at their names and geolocation - there’s also some substantial differences within regulations, and also some minor differences in how and where the game is played, and in this article, one can find the key differences that make the two thrilling, exciting leagues unique in their own specific ways.

It is important for sports betting enthusiasts to learn and know the main differences between the two leagues, and if one wants to bet on the two sports successfully, it would be smart to learn all about both the sports. There are plenty of sources online where one can find CFL and NFL betting tips to learn all there is to know about betting on the sports.

Pitch sizes
The football fields in the Canadian and National football leagues differ to each other by a significant distance. To explain in detail, while an NFL football field is 120 yards lengthwise by 53 yard widthwise rectangle, with a 100 yard long playing field and 10 yard long end zones, while Canadian football fields are a bit larger, spanning 150 yards in length with 20 yard long end zones, meaning the neutral playing field is 10 yards longer than in the US. The Canadian pitches are also a tad wider, spanning around 65 yards.

Time outs and Play clock
While the NFL comprises a 40 second play clock, the CFL’s play clock is only 20 seconds, which makes the game substantially faster paced than its American counterparts. This pressures the Canadian attacking players a bit more than the Americans and the action is made more frequent, which can result in more entertaining games.

Field Team sizes
Since the CFL has considerably bigger fields, they can afford a little extra manpower on the pitch. Compared to the NFL’s 11 player teams, the CFL can comprise teams of 12 without having a problem with overpopulation on the pitch. This makes possession games nicer to watch, since the offence is allowed to have an extra open receiver.

How the scores work
The regulations for touchdowns and additional points are the same in both divisions. A touchdown is worth 6 points in any competition. An extra point may be scored or even two points can be attempted in each league. In both leagues, saves are valued at 2 points. But when it concerns hitting a field goal, the 2 divisions are very different. A field goal is worth as a 3-pointer in any competition. Field goal posts, on the other hand, are situated at a different location on the pitch depending on the competition you compete in. Every shot inside the NFL is 10 yards longer because target goals are placed at the far rear end of the end zone, which is 10 yards long. The goal posts of the Canadian Football League are located at the end zone's starting edges. The distance of the free - kick is determined by where the football is shot from.