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Top 5 Canadian Football Quarterbacks of All Time

  1. Damon Allen:

With his big physique earning his way to a star quarterback, he was a career leader in the league before his retirement in 2007. Allen's four Grey Cups, won with three different teams, marks him as one of the best in the sport.

The quarterback is presently fourth in all-time professional football throwing yards and second in all-time CFL passing yards after being eclipsed for first position on October 10th by Anthony Calvillo.

  1. Warren Moon:

It's frightening to consider what Moon may have accomplished if he had stayed in the CFL before moving on to the NFL. Moon won five Grey Cups in a row with the Edmonton Eskimos from 1978 to 1982. The quarter-back also held many all-time professional football passing records before he retired.

Despite his lack of success in the NFL, he was voted Grey Cups, Most Valuable Player, twice. Whilst also being the first black and underived quarterback to be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2006.

  1. Doug Flutie:

Arguably one of the best of all time has to be Doug Flutie. Whilst only playing for 8 seasons of Canadian Football, he still owns the CFL record books to this day and was also nicknamed as the League’s most magnificent player in six separate seasons.

Taken in consideration that he wasn’t big enough to fit the quarterback position, he changed everyone’s insight when he signed with BC Lions back in 1990.

  1. Anthony Calvillo:

Calvillo is one of Canada’s all-time best passers with over 73,000 yards and counting. Also holds a world breaking record with 418 touchdowns, a record which may never be reached.

Leading in so many categories, Calvillo is undoubtedly one of the best in the field hence winning three grey cups in 18 seasons.

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  1. Ron Lancaster:

Lancaster is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in CFL history, and he was also the first QB in CFL history to surpass over 50,000 career throwing yards. The quarterback won 170 games in 16 seasons with Saskatchewan, whilst only losing one season throughout his career, with the Green Riders. To add to his records, the icon also won a total of 4 Grey Cup Rings.