CFL Pass

Create the perfect setting for watching CFL

Do you love spending your weekend cheering for your favorite teams in the CFL? There is nothing like getting all riled up over the perfect touchdown or disagreeing with the referee while screaming at the TV. But it’s always more fun when you are doing it with other fans of the league. Do you feel like something is missing when watching the games with your friends? Keep reading to get some ideas as to how you can create the perfect setting for watching CFL at home.

Create extra excitement

Not all games are equally exciting and there might be some that are straight up boring. If you and your friends need some extra excitement when watching CFL then make the games more interesting by doing your own bets. You bet about everything from who gets the first touchdown to the winner of the match or who gets the different types of penalties. You can just win the honor or you can bet about a bit of money to make it even more interesting. You can always use the money you win for snacks, food or beverages when you meet up for the next game. You can also have fun with sport betting online and avoid having to keep count of your betting among each other.

Make sure you have the right screen

When watching sports you need to have a proper screen to watch it on. A laptop on the coffee table simply does not do it for the right sports experience. The person with the best and biggest TV hosts the game. Of course it’s nice to be able to switch it up so it’s not always the same person hosting, but then make sure you have a good enough screen. It’s that easy. If you want to feel like you are at the stadium then put up a large sheet and get a projector. That way you can watch the games on a real big screen and get a better experience.

Don’t forget the snacks

Last, but definitely not least, there’s the snacks. When watching sports you need something to stuff in your mouth when it gets too exciting or too boring. You surely know that chips, dips, wings and other snacks like that are perfect for a night of sports. So just remember to always have them on hand so your friends aren’t missing anything. Of course beers and burgers are also perfect for a good game night. You will definitely get in the right sports mood with plenty of snacks and beverages.