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Mountainside chats with Dave Naylor: Rick Campbell

TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor sits down with new BC Lions head coach Rick Campbell, who explains his decided to leave Ottawa and join the Lions, what he looks forward to about working with QB Mike Reilly, and more.

On leaving the Ottawa Redblacks:

First off with Ottawa it was everything that I expected and more. (I made) a ton of great memories on the field and off the field and (made) a lot of great relationships and I’ll always be a fan of the Redblacks and that whole organization. I just had a feeling that if some change happened it could be good for me and for the Redblacks … Six years was a really good run and I’m going to take nothing but positives away from it.

On the opportunity with the BC Lions:

It ended up where BC came open and it was just a good fit. I know (Lions GM) Ed Hervey, I know (Lions president) Rick LeLacheur … I’m just really excited. It’s a new opportunity, working with guys like Mike Reilly and Bryan Burnham. They have a really good crew of players there and I have not worked with them before so I’m hoping from both ends it brings a new energy.

On Lions QB Mike Reilly:

I’m really looking forward to working with Mike. Not only what he does on the field, which is special, but just the way he carries himself. He’s an authentic leader, I would call him. He doesn’t have to make stuff up or act a certain way, he just goes about his business and is a leader in that way. And just even my conversations with him when I first got hired, it’s a real comfort to have that relationship with the quarterback position. And he doesn’t have to do anything more than what he does. He’ll do what he does and we need to surround him with as many good people as we can.