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Mountainside chats with Dave Naylor: Mike O'Shea

TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor sits down with Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Mike O'Shea, who discusses the team's impending quarterback decision, the biggest reason the Blue Bombers won the 107th Grey Cup, and their run-first strategy that led to the win.

On making a quarterback decision for the 2020 season:

You go through a process. It’s certainly not cavalier by any stretch of the imagination. You look at data, you have conversations, first of all you get a staff together, which we haven’t quite done that yet. But you make sure you involve them in discussions. It won’t be one of those easy ones that you just make. You go through a pretty rigorous process.

On the biggest reason the Blue Bombers won the 107th Grey Cup:

The way things came together. It’s about getting healthy, it’s about getting on a roll, it’s about becoming a team at the right time. And I think we did that. The addition of Zach (Collaros) gets us healthy in a different way. I thought our defence got on a roll. I just think that you work so hard becoming a team from the start of training camp on, that that’s the natural progression of a champion. By the end of the year, they’re the best team they can be.

On believing in their run-first strategy:

You believe in the guys you have and the way you’re made up. We’ve got a terrific offensive line and we have Andrew Harris. And that’s not taking anything away from our quarterback play or receivers. We have a lot of talent on defence that through the course of the previous three years had taken the ball away 150 times and scored a lot of points. I think that’s the way our team was built and made up and how we thrived.