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Stampeder Tre Roberson released to pursue NFL opportunities

Stampeder Tre Roberson is free to go pursue NFL opportunities.

On Friday, the Calgary Stampeders announced that they’d released the all-star boundary corner so that he can explore his options south of the border.

While the Stamps did something similar with receiver Reggie Begelton on Thursday, there are some key differences in their situtations.

Begelton was set to become a free-agent in February and would have been free to pursue whatever opportunities were available to him. With Roberson, meanwhile, the Stamps had a team option for the 2020 season and were therefore under no obligation to release him.

What complicated the situation was the planned NFL window for CFL players who were under contract to workout and potentially sign contracts with NFL teams. Heading into the off-season, players were under the impression that the window existed, but in early-December it was revealed that the NFL had not signed off on it.

That left Roberson stuck in limbo until Friday when the Stamps announced they were releasing him. He will be able to set-up workouts with NFL teams and eventually sign a contract when one is offered.

Roberson put together a resume in 2018 and ’19 that definitely makes him look like an appealing target for NFL teams, and he was reported to have up to a dozen workouts organized heading into December.

In 2019, Roberson earned CFL all-star honours and was the Stampeders’ nominee for Most Outstanding Defensive Player after finishing with the second-most interceptions in the league, with seven, and scoring two touchdowns – one a pick-six and the other off a fumble recovery.
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