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TSN CFL Fantasy: Who won Division Semi-Finals?

Loading up on Edmonton Eskimos proved to be the right move this weekend as we began the playoffs in TSN CFL Fantasy.

BHEGGS filled four of their five spots with Eskimos and that shot them to the top of the Division Semi-Final leaderboard with 80 points.

Take a look at BHEGGS’ roster:

At quarterback, BHEGGS went with Trevor Harris (19.1 points) who tossed 421 yards, a touchdown and an interception. The Esks pivot also added three rushes for three yards on the ground.

BHEGGS rolled with C.J. Gable (20.8 points) at running back. Gable rushed 14 times for 54 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He also caught two passes out of the backfield for 14 yards.

Darvin Adams (18.5 points) was in BHEGGS’ receiver spot, the only non-Eskimo of their roster. Adams hauled in two passes for 105 yards and a major score.

Fullback Calvin McCarty (14.6 points) was BHEGGS flex player and the veteran had one rush for two yards to go along with five catches for 34 yards and a touchdown.

And finally, BHEGGS took the Eskimos defence (7 points) that allowed 29 points and collected two sacks and three interceptions.

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