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Collaros is ready for some action

Zach Collaros is looking forward to his first contact with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The veteran quarterback hasn’t played in a CFL game since Oct. 25 when the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeated the visiting B.C. Lions 35-16. Collaros didn’t finish the contest after absorbing an illegal hit to the helmet by Lions defensive end Odell Willis.

The 30-year-old QB will make his return on Thursday in CFL pre-season action at Mosaic Stadium against the Bombers.

“I want to get hit on the first play of every game because that’s the way you get locked in,” Collaros said with a laugh.

“Obviously you don’t pray for a kill shot on you. Once you do get hit a couple of times, your body starts to acclimate and that’s when things tend to slow down.”

Collaros has a history with concussions, which contributes to concerns about the quarterback’s health.

In 2018, he was sidelined for four regular-season games after suffering a concussion in the third quarter of a 39-12 pre-season loss to the Calgary Stampeders.

The subsequent hit by Willis was especially costly as Collaros was sidelined for the West Division semifinal — a 23-18 loss to the visiting Blue Bombers.

“You want to stay healthy and pray for everybody to be healthy through every game,” Collaros said. “You want to get through it, take a couple of licks and know that you’re back out there playing football.”

Collaros is scheduled to play the first half and a portion of the second on Thursday. It’s expected that backup quarterbacks David Watford, Isaac Harker and Ty Gangi will see action in the second half.

Cody Fajardo has all-but wrapped up the second spot on the quarterback depth chart and isn’t expected to see any action.