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RWB CFL Podcast #135: On the demise of the AAF (and perhaps the 2019 Ottawa Redblacks)

So that was a short golden era for the Alliance of American Football. Not even managing to get through a single season was North America’s latest fly-by-night professional football league, and in episode 135 of the Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast, co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis are joined by Scott Adamson to shovel some dirt on the ol’ AAF.

Scott’s been through aspects of this before: As a former resident and later sports reporter in Birmingham, Alabama, he’s seen various leagues bring in the Birmingham Americans, Vulcans (team logo: Live long and prosper – at least until the WFL folds), Stallions, Barracudas, Thunderbolts, Fire and now the Birmingham Iron. But we’ve probably never seen a league fold to such advantage for the Canadian Football League. Joe, Os and Scott debate the benefit of the AAF’s closure to the CFL, plus the pros and cons of tweaking the player ratios to allow more U.S. citizens into Canada’s league.

And a few things have happened off the field in the time since the last episode of RWB. Joe and Os discuss the 14 rule changes approved by the Board of Governors, including lots of expansion of powers for the Command Centre in overturning and upholding penalties, more player safety-friendly rules and a weirdie involving the flags on the goalpost.

Plus, a bit of speculation on the Ottawa Redblacks’ immediate future sans relatively-longtime offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo and some New England Patriots beat writer ignorantly wining about CFL football!

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Awaiting the second CFL USA esperiment…