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Alliance of American What? Ex-Auburn WR eschews AAF & FAU, signs with Roughriders

Well, so much for the AAF. We guess the skeptics and (justifiable) cynics on the Alliance of American Football can already claim victory in this would-be upstart professional football league, which after 2½ weeks of play already appears trapped in the graveyard spiral which has claimed all such associations since the days of the AFL.

To kick off (so to speak) last week, AAF officials announced that billionaire speculator/Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon had helped the league meet player and staff payroll (!) with a $250 million (!!) bailout (!!!).

(Seriously, Tom, WTF? If you’ve got $250 million to throw away, why don’t you f*#&*#&ing contribute to planetary cleanup instead, you greedy bastard?)

As it turns out, the AAF will be crawling to its inaugural championship game and the vultures are circling – hardly the threat to steal away CFL players as some feared. The smarter among untethered pro football players are already avoiding the AAF as a dead end.

Case in point: wide receiver Kyle Davis. After leaving Auburn University for unnamed reasons in 2018, Davis was set to play for Lane Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic University Owls team in ’19. Last week, however, the WR’s career took another left turn when he announced he’d be playing football with the Saskatchewan Roughriders – and get financially remunerated, by the way – this season.

Davis was a top national recruit when he committed to Auburn for 2016. That season, he played in all 13 games, usually sparingly: He was on the field for just a handful of plays in the Iron Bowl and notched just one reception in the Sugar Bowl; for the year, he totaled 12 catches for 248 yards with two TDs.

In 2017, Davis was somehow still not a starter for the Tigers and managed just seven receptions for an impressive 210 yards in five games before expunged from the team in October. Davis didn’t take long before moving on, immediately transferring to FAU but required to sit out until the ’19 season. Per sources in Alabama and Florida, the plan was still clear.

(Incidentally, watch for the LOL-funny “typo” in the below excerpt from Palm Beach News reportage.)

Jake Elman of the Palm Beach Post reported: “Davis’ father, Ron, told on Thursday night that his son is already enrolled at FAU and taking spring classes.

“‘We just want to thank the Auburn fan for their support,’ Davis said. ‘Coach [Gus0 Malzahn] and the Auburn staff and family have been so nice to us, but we’ve moved and Kyle will be taking his talents to FAU.’”

(Now come on, there’s no way that Elman and/or his Post editor let that singular noun slip past accidentally.)

To CFLpass, Davis appears to be the type of young player to whom would-be American minor and/or rogue football leagues should appeal. Clearly, the college football experience was not for him, nor did he have much confidence that he’d get quality playing time under Kiffin, either. And why shouldn’t the man get paid a reasonable wage, anyway?

Too bad no such league exists in the United States.

And so, the CFL will remain the pro football player’s second-best option for decades to come yet – or until Trump gets his Border Wall II up north before 2024. F*#&*, Vince McMahon might as well shut down his silly-ass XFL 2020 before it even begins.