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CFL’s Mexico combine causes controversy on Twitter, because everything causes controversy on Twitter

So tweeteth TSN’s Dave Naylor:

Interestingly enough, what appeared to be a piece of pretty good news was not necessarily taken as such by CFL twitter. Many commenters, however, expressed concern about over-expenditure in a market wherein the CFL has next to zero exposure, about unwisely distributed CFL monies vis-à-vis international talent, about Naylor’s apparent exaggeration of Mexico’s talent base, and/or about roster ratios.

CFLpass would be willing to bet that the expenses involved to make this combine are lower than most fans guess and that most league-related expenses involved CFL staff’s, likesay, lifestyle requirements. We’re not saying that either Mexico paid for the combine (oooh, sorry) or that the CFL has money to blow per se, but the league has certainly spent more money on more foolish endeavors in the past.

It’s also seems very (very!) unlikely that CFL officials are looking to find the league’s next international superstar or to suddenly create a massive fanbase abroad. CFLpass figures that Mexico’s university football players seeking to go pro appreciate this new alternative to the NFL and Arena League ball.

But here we go: Now CFLpass, along with many others, is probably taking this combine thing too seriously. After all, this response to Naylor has far more hearts than any other…