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CFLpass returns for 2019, starts year with podcast about football in Alabama

That’s right: has been resurrected for 2019. We’ve got some exciting features planned for this site to elevate us beyond the current (let’s face it) blog format and hope to become more of a purveyor of information and fun about the Canadian Football League, the sport and the great land in which it originated. (Yes, we at CFLpass indeed suffer from #CanadaEnvy.)

So let’s get the 2019 edition of kicked off with … news of a podcast discussing football in Birmingham, Alabama. Wait – it’s not what you think!

Over at the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast, co-hosts Joe Pritchard and editor/lead writer discuss the halcyon days of the CFL USA experiment. The RWB flashes back to the 1990s with Scott Adamson, a sportswriter with 30 years’ worth of work in American print media, i.e. newspapers. (’Member those?)

As happenstance would have it, Scott was the only sportswriter at his ’paper in Birmingham who knew a damn thing about the CFL when the Birmingham Barracudas were established in that city.

With Birmingham’s continued status as a favored test market for rogue/alternate professional football leagues, Scott has seen them all – the CFL, WFL, USFL and XFL – come down the pike. Scott also discusses his current interest in the up-and-coming American Alliance of Football (including the Birmingham Iron franchise) and its potential effect on the CFL. 

Listen and/or download this episode from the player directly below. Subscribe to the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast via iTunes, Podbean and most other places where podcasts are available – or just check back here at!