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RWB CFL Podcast overcomes technical difficulties, releases stream-of-consciousness episode

Technical difficulties wiped out our last episode which featured special guests Doug Flutie and Warren Moon (yeah, surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre), but Os Davis, Joe Pritchard and Dr. Rouge have returned anew with more stream-of-consciousness chatter on episode 98 (redux) of the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast.

Topics include:

•  Calgary’s winning of the 2019 Grey Cup … hosting rights. Not exactly a big surprise to many and you have to figure that, barring disaster, the Stamps will be in contention for that Grey Cup. And on the RWB, we reckon we know (as does all of pragmatically-minded CFL fandom) who’ll be hosting in 2020 and even ’21.

•  CFL mini-camps are open, yet the attention of new Montreal Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman is, likesay, elsewhere. Dr. Rouge goes on a bit of a rant here, though Joe sees light at the end of the tunnel for the Als with a bold prediction for a makeover prior to 2018 in Montreal…

•  OL Pierre Lavertu of the Alouettes announced his retirement this week. The first-round draft pick in 2014 played for to date the Stampeders’ last Grey Cup-winning team. He was all-CFL in 2015, then lost the next season and a half to injuries before calling it quits. Os sees lavertu's adieu as representing one fewer quality lineman, a moribund type in modern pro (and college) football…

•  …but Dr. Rouge has a short-term solution at least: How about Peter Dyakowski, one of four early cuts from Chris Jones’s Saskatchewan Revolvingdoors – I mean, Roughriders.

•  Finally, the RWB hosts do their duty as Americans and construct a backstory involving the Quarterback Who Shall Not Be Named and the fact that the Ticats camp roster has not assigned jersey no. 2.

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