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And a Rouge, White & Blue new year to you!

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast has returned with our first podcast of 2018 – and with a third member of our American band of Canadian football fans. Yes, for this season and beyond we’re putting the “rouge” into “Rogue, White & Blue” with the addition of co-host Anthony Moretti, Ph.D., better known to true believers in truth, justice and the magic of the single point as Dr. Rouge.

Thus does Dr. Rouge join RWB co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard in our inaugural podcast of the year, a good 45 minutes of banter devoted mostly – but not quite entirely – due to the offseason, pre-free agency quarterback carousel that has significantly impacted at least six of the league’s nine teams. And yes, we apologize for our most recent dubious export, a substance called Johnny Football.

So call this episode of the RWB a warmup, a plunging back into the depths of Canadian football and stay with us throughout the year. We’ll be answering questions such as: Are we destined for a Jones vs. Jones Grey Cup? Will the Edmonton Eskimos’ offensive line became an NBA expansion franchise? Can Os avoid bricking his TV when confronted with the first in-game image of Josh Freeman in Montreal Alouettes gear? And will Dr. Rouge finally vanquish the EEEEvil Justin Medlock?

Stay tuned!

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Continuing to apologize profusely for Johnny Manziel…