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Edmonton Eskimos CEO Len Rhodes visits the Empre

The Eskimos President and CEO, Len Rhodes, returns to the Eskimo Empire podcast in episode 53 with a one on one conversation with Andrew.

Len talks about joining the Esks and the changes he's seen in the last five years. They discuss the changes to the Esks game day experience and some of the new ideas to bring more fans to the Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium.

Featured Fan Jon is also back in the Turf District to chat about the Esks latest win and the team's progress in the early season. He feels they are making improvements especially with all the changes. The boys discuss the good and bad from the Winnipeg win and cover the rest of the CFL game stories.

The CFLPickEm pool has some changes and this week's picks are in. For the first time in a while, all three guys were consensus across the board. This PickEm thing is easy...right?

Anyone? You can join the Pick 'Em pool right here 

Lots of great fans and guests to come. This week, we were joined my Mike from Podskeeweewee for a live game preview! Our Periscope from that is right here. You can find the Eskimo Empire Podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music or click the link below. As always, we will absolutely talk to you next week.

– written by Andrew Hoskins