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Tom Richards visits the Eskimo Empire podcast in episode 52

In episode 52 on The Eskimo Empire Podcast, The Empire welcomes another Eskimo alumni into the Turf District!

Former slotback/kick returner Tom Richards comes in to talk about his time with the Esks. In 1989, he was the first Canadian receiver to go over 1,000 yards in a season with 1,239 on 60 catches. Tom tells the guys what it was like to make it to the pro ranks and describes not only the sadness of losing a Grey Cup but the elation of winning one the next year. In a word: WHHEEEE!

Tom sticks around to break down last week’s Esks game against the Riders. Everyone thinks McKnight might need to watch for a bit, except Tom who played that position. The offense gets a passing mark but the defense, although improved, is still not at a passing level. OT if great but all the guys are ready for an Eskimo regulation win.

Updates from the CFL Pick Em pool and this week’s picks are in. Who possibly picked the Riders this week against BC? Someone did. You can join the PickEm pool right here.

Lots of great fans and guests to come. Our Periscope from last week is right here.

You can find the Eskimo Empire Podcast on iTunes or click on the banner directly below. As always, we will absolutely talk to you next week.

– written by Andrew Hoskins