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On Eskimo Empire this week: Funky Susan (need we say more?)

No Esks game this week? No problem! The Eskimo Empire Podcast guys welcome Susan into the Turf District for more female CFL fan perspective and hear her journey from being a Stamps fan to cheering for the Esks now! Susan even turns the tables and has some rapid-fire questions for Andrew and Uncle Time.

The fan question from last week got a lot of answers and the group discusses whether patience is needed or are there trades coming. A new fan question this week; Who should be the next Eskimo on the Wall of Honor? UT and Andrew have a few ideas…

Finally, a breakdown of all the CFL games and this week’s Pick ‘Ems. A rebound week foreveryone, but the choices this week are tough. Definitely not “easy squeezy” according to UT.

You can join the Pick ‘Em pool right here 

Lots of great fans and guests to come. There will be another alumni in the Turf District next week! Our Periscope from last week is right here:.

. You can find the Eskimo Empire Podcast on iTunes or click on the banner directly below. As always, we will absolutely talk to you next week.

– written by Andrew Hoskins