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Alouettes' Duron Carter suspended one game; three RedBlacks fined

Following last Thursday’s melee during Montreal’s 28-13 loss to Ottawa, it was clear the league was going to have to dish out some punishment:

The verdict came down on Monday with Duron Carter receiving a one-game suspension and three RedBlacks fined. Fans supporting both sides have been debating the incident since Thursday with many saying Rick Campbell should also be suspended for his role in the brawl.

Even without the Campbell bump, I think Carter ran straight to the Ottawa bench looking for trouble. And he got it. We’re bound to see more of these incidents in stadiums that have teams on the same sidelines with Odell Willis another prime example last year.

Regardless, I’ve already circled the Week 9 rematch between Ottawa and Montreal on my calendar.

And losing Carter for one game is the least of Montreal’s worries right now.

Ouch. Montreal’s depth is about to put to the test, as they get ready for a friendly visit from Hamilton in week four...

– written by Travis Currah