CFL Pass

A poem about the Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers

For those who may have missed it, season 2 episode 2 of The Rouge, White & Blue CFL podcast included the very special payoff on a bet made on the opening week Winnipeg Blue Bombers-Montreal Alouettes game.

Due to the egregious loss suffered by his beloved Bombers, Joe Pritchard was thereby duty-bound to pay up. The price? The rewriting and recitation of a poem devoted to extolling the virtues of yours truly's favored Alouettes.

I'm sure you'll agree that this, um, opus is a bit light on the praise for my CFL team (and here i was, dying to see how he'd rhyme "Kenny Stafford"), but the man does deserve extra credit for the gratuituous usage of a Québécois curse word.

Enjoy today and know that the humiliation will likely be mine in week 10...

A poem by Joe Pritchard
Back when I proposed a bet
I thought I would be all set

I picked the Bombers like a sucker
Their play made me say … "Firetrucker!"

I picked against Kevin Glenn
But he's still as good as way back when

The Montreal pass attack
had me exclaiming, "Tabernac'!"

When the Als sent a Blitz
I knew Willy would take some hits

At the end the Bombers showed some heart
If only they hadn't sputtered from the start

That's all for this poem I had to write
The game Friday night was an awful sight.

Heavy, man...

– written by Os Davis (but the poetry is 100% Joe Pritchard's)