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Eskimo Empire podcast records live at Westivus Kickoff

Westivus Kickoff is finally here and that means Eskimo football is right around the corner! On episode 44 of the Eskimo Empire podcast, the boys get together with fans to talk about the offseason changes and the upcoming season. Andrew and Uncle Tim recap the Esks Launch Party (released as a bonus episode last week) and the Alumni Wine Fest. Always great to see some of the heroes of the past and find out who has agreed to come on future shows.

The fans then get their say. Chantelle is excited to see the progression of Franklin and, of course, all the beards of the Oline. Mike has a new helmet and says Lord Touchdown will make his first trip to training camp. Susan brings her great EmpireQs live for the guys to answer and starts the talk about the Esks draft choices. Leanne is watching the receivers closely this preseason. And last but not least, Miss Pam talks about Deon Lacey and the new expectations for him this year.

It's almost football season, so the podcast now returns to a weekly schedule. Lots of great fans and guests to come as the Esks start their defense of The Grey Cup. You can find the Eskimo Empire Podcast on iTunes or click on the banner directly below. As always, we will absolutely talk to you next week.

– written by Andrew Hoskins