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Eskimo Empire welcomes the CFL Podcast Family (West)

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called “offseason”. Electric word “offseason” and that’s a mighty long time but I’m here to tell ya, there’s something else … the CFL Podcast Family. A world of neverending happiness where you can get your football fix, day ... or night…

(Thank you and R.I.P. Prince)

Over the last year, the ‘Empire has welcomed in a number of CFL podcast hosts to share their passion for their teams and give some insight from each fan base. Training camp is almost upon us, and so it’s time to reintroduce some of the family.

In episode 43 of the Eskimo Empire, Brazilian Ty from the 2 and Out podcast helps with co-hosting duties and four podcasters are on to represent each team in the west. John Hodge from Blue Bomber Talk is the first guest, wrapping up the offseason moves in Winnipeg. Obviously happy with a number of the free agent signings, he tells the boys the biggest issue is to keep Drew Willy healthy and he believes they will do that this year.

Up next is Brian Wawryshyn from BCLionsDen. One of the original CFL podcasters, Brian’s seen a lot of changes to the Lions. He’s happy Wally Buono is back on the sidelines and feels newly minted Jonathan Jennings will be a sparkplug that takes the Lions to better levels.

Returning “fan favorite villain” Ryan from the CFL Horsemen joins in to lament his offseason being one week too long and give his perspective on the Stamps’ first season under Dave Dickinson. As usual, his expectations are Grey Cup or bust, even with the changes and he explains why.

Finally, also from CFLpass, Travis from 2 and Out joins in with Ty to talk about the Riders and where they go with all the coaching and player changes. Optimism runs high in Saskatchewan and the Riders can only be better than last year.

Ty and Andrew go over the massive week of events for the Esks, the latest EE news and the stories of the CFL. Don’t forget to check out the Periscope Preamble here for more fan questions answered by the guys.

You can find the Eskimo Empire Podcast on iTunes or click on the banner directly below. As always, we will absolutely talk to you in two weeks.

– written by Andrew Hoskins

[I know this piece started with Prince, but he doesn't have any appropriate family-themed stuff. So here’s the only way to go out otherwise --Ed.]