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The moral of Rouge, White & Blue ep. 21: Never go full Pedersen

In case you missed it … well, you haven’t missed it! That’s the beauty of podcasting in the CFL offseason: The “news” stays fresher longer and the downloading’s always free. Naturally, we’re specifically talking here about CFLpass’s own Rouge, White & Blue CFL podcast; it’s episode 21, so we’re legal (in the U.S.) now…

Like so many fans of the CFL, Os Davis and Joe Pritchard’s week started with *that* Tweet…

Now, not to go full Pedersen here or anything (because you never go full Pedersen), Os puts his head on the chopping block a bit in this episode of RWB by wondering, “Is a scenario in which the Riders finish first and the Eskimos finish fourth really so much of a stretch, particularly if all five teams in the West are bunched up with near-.500 records and it all comes down to tiebreakers?”

(Not at all unrealistic, really, if you’re figuring like yours truly that the Ticats are in line for a 15-3 season while the Alouettes are looking at 3-15 and all other teams are regressing/progressing to the mean.)

Of course, a ranty version of the typically mellow Mr. Pritchard puts Os in his place and sees Pedersen’s predictions as much more trollish than analytical.

And joining us on RWB #21 is Ryan Ballantine, a pioneer in the CFL podcasting game who’s been hosting the Stampeders-centric Horseman Radio Show for eight years. He, too, has a take on Mr. Pedersen, reckoning that the Saskatchewan play-by-play guy may be pushing the boundaries of homerism well too far.

Ryan manages to get RWB off the single track thankfully and talks to us about the Stamps’ chances for the upcoming season – actually admitting they probably won’t go 18-0 – as well as the organization’s notably forward-thinking stance on social marketing and new media.

Check out the episode via the player above or by clicking here.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL podcast: We swear we’ll talk about something else next week…

– written by Os Davis