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Red Deer roundup: Planning for that Arctic Grey Cup

Gullible - adjective

     1. easily deceived or cheated.
     2. Travis Currah is the most gullible person I’ve ever met.

And I lived up to that reputation on yet another April Fools’ Day. This year I made an effort to stay off of social media in the morning so I wouldn’t get fooled but once I logged on, the Canadian Football League made me feel like a doofus.

I started running scenarios through my head. I know it’s still four years away but how can I secure tickets to this historic Grey Cup? I *needed* to be a part of CFL history! I guess I’ll just have to go to Regina or wherever it will be in 2020.

Tell me about it, Jock. I stayed in a truck-stop hotel in a smoking room. My lungs were gone by the end of that weekend in 2013.

•  So there are 83 days left until the CFL regular season gets underway. Is there any way I can hibernate those days away?

•  While most teams in the CFL will be having training camp battles to be the starting running back or a starting linebacker, it’s possible the battle of TiCats training camp will be for kicker. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good old kicker battle.

•  Free agent camps are going on all month long and last until just before the CFL draft on May 10th. Sometimes the diamonds in the rough you discover at these free agent camps are the key to a Grey Cup. Khalil Bass tried out for the Bombers *four* times before being invited to camp. Bass had 99 tackles to go along with 5 sacks last season.

•  The Argos have signed international defensive linemen Marquis Spruill and Steve Miller. Take the money and run.

•  Could we be seeing some Major League Football League talent heading up North? They won’t be playing games until 2017 and they’re already dealing with massive amounts of debt. How?!



•  The Montreal Alouettes are going to need all the help they can get in 2016 and playing three games in eleven days is not what the doctor ordered.

•  Cheer auditions start across the CFL this weekend. Hands up if you’d like to see this hairy chested beauty give it a shot! Now, you just try getting that image out of your head.

•  Props to Ottawa for extending one of the best beards in the league in Jon Gott.

•  I’ll be in Texas this weekend for Wrestlemania 32. It’s my second time attending “The Showcase of the Immortals” but I’m sure I’ll be crying like a schoolgirl once I step foot inside AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

•  Jonathan Jennings and the Lions are discussing a new contract right now. Is it possible Keith Price is there in case talks bottom out?

•  Allow me to get sappy for a moment. I just got my wedding photos back this past weekend and I’d be dumb not to share this photo.



June isn’t here but we *are* one month closer…

– written by Travis Currah