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Red Deer Roundup: Noting changes to Riders logo, Bombers roster, AC/DC lineup

We are officially at the point in the CFL offseason where we start *looking* for things to debate: Like minuscule changes to the Saskatchewan Roughriders logo.

If you can’t spot any differences, don’t feel bad. They’re *very* minor.

•  Meanwhile, the Riders made an on field move too with the signing of national running back Matt Walter. Walter started fourteen games, rushed for 1,264 rushing yards, and scored four touchdowns during his time with the Stampeders.

•  Former Roughrider and Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price is headed to Vancouver. You have to see the highlights from Price’s stellar performance in the 2011 Alamo Bowl where his Huskies went toe-to-toe with RGIII’s Baylor Bears in a 67-56 loss. Price scored *seven* touchdowns that game!

•  Hamilton defensive back Craig Butler could miss the entire 2016 season due to a knee injury. The 27 year-old CFL All-Star has 218 career tackles to go along with thirteen interceptions. That’s just another blow for Hamilton’s defense and to make matters worse, Butler is Canadian.

•  Two long-time Winnipeg Blue Bombers are on their way out of Manitoba: Both Clarence Denmark and Bryant Turner signed with the Blue & Gold in 2011, and both have been shown the door in 2016. Denmark had his first 1,000 receiving yards season in 2014 and Turner has been a mainstay on that defensive line.

•  I attended the Red Deer College Scholarship Breakfast Thursday morning with keynote speaker James Duthie. Duthie told a great story from when he was host of TSN’s Friday Night Football in 1998 along with current panel member Chris Schultz. Schultzy was going long and about to cut into the kickoff of the game they were hosting when a producer yells in his ear, “Shut up, Schultz! Throw to James now!” Schultz responded by saying “Shut up, Schultz! Throw to James now!” There *has* to be video of this somewhere in the TSN vault.

•  Is Axl Rose really going to be the front man for AC/DC as they look for a vocalist to close out the Rock Or Bust tour? That’s a real rumour [Link: h].

•  R.I.P. former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Say what you want about the man but he loved Canadian football. I’ll never forget this classic moment from the East Final in 2013.

 photo 1470071_10152098826904734_866849371_n_zpsywojlxp5.jpg

•  Wait, Juwan Simpson still doesn’t have a gig? Wow.

•  Ricky Ray is throwing pain-free for this time in *two years*? Injured shoulder or not, what does the 36-year-old still have in the tank? Anything can happen but I’m not betting on an MOP worthy season like the one Henry Burris just had. I’d love to be wrong and I’m sure the Argos would as well, since Trevor Harris has signed in the Nation’s Capital.

•  BC Lions owner David Braley has been admitted to hospital. Braley has owned the Lions for nearly twenty years and stepped up to also own the Argos in 2010. Get well soon!

*PLEASE* make this happen! Take my money now!

•  We’re still over a month away from the CFL draft so it’s time for free agent tryouts. It’s clear that those that play in the Canadian Football League love the game.

That does it for this week’s Roundup. I need to get in a good night’s sleep as I prepare to eat copious amounts of ham and chocolate. Happy Easter!

– written by Travis Currah