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Sim this: RWB podcast explains the awesomeness of tabletop football gaming

Even if you’ve been a sports fan your entire life, you may never have heard of tabletop simulation games. CFLpass will spare you the “young whippersnapper” and “get off my lawn” sort of rhetoric to instead recommend that you check out episode 18 of the Rouge White and Blue podcast, which is embedded directly below.

Joining Joe Pritchard and yours truly this week is sports radio veteran Keith Avallone, who these days is running the website

Plaay specializes in sports simulation board games and features one seriously impressive catalogue, allowing fans to replay last year, classic seasons of years past or even imaginary associations limited only by one’s imagination. They’ve got sets for baseball, hockey, stock car racing, bowling, professional wrestling, soccer, golf, lacrosse, roller derby (!) and, perhaps the bread-and-butter of the entire enterprise, professional football.

And not only does Plaay offer a thinking fan’s alternative to EA Sports’ Madden-branded software, they’ve also got a game called “Cold Snap,” which features (drumroll, please) CFL football.

But we’re not here to push a product, no matter how fascinating we find it. Join Rouge White and Blue to find out about a hobby that’s slightly old-fashioned but not antiquated. If you’re interested in either getting into the history of your favourite sport or believe you could do better in managing players and teams but tire of the same old computer-based sims, give us a listen to hear from three sports board game aficionados about the wonderment of this pastime.

You might even end up wondering just what the heck you did with a pair of dice before. Episode 18 of the Rouge White and Blue CFL podcast will have you considering the possibilities…

(By the way, we’ve also got a few comments on the reaffirmed Calgary Stampeders offensive line while Joe tries his hand at a John Fraser impression as well.)

– written by Os Davis