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Rouge White & Blue podcast, episode 17: Explaining CFL’s superiority, Donald Trump’s popularity

In case you missed it, episode 17 of the Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast is now online, as co-hosts Joe Pritchard and yours truly somehow manage to fill nearly an hour’s worth of air with CFL-centric talk. Well, sort of.

As the opening impression of a certain other podcast host – granted the seal of approval by Travis Currah, thank the football gods – indicates, he’s most excited by the prospect of filling the sports-viewing void with season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. I’m telling ya, Doug “The Logo” Flutie is taking this thing. (Von Who? Geraldo Who?!?!?)

We’re also joined by Dr. Anthony Moretti, a fellow CFL fan from the ‘States (in Pittsburgh, no less!) who explains why he eschewed NFL football altogether for the Canadian version of the game. As something of a public service to our listeners north of the border, he attempts to explain the ineffable popularity of the Annoying Orange Donald Trump.

Check out episode 17 of the Rouge White and Blue podcast – before the next POTUS decides to build a beautiful and YOOOGE (fire)wall between our countries – by clicking here or on the player above. Thanks for listening and talk to you next week!

– written by Os Davis