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Red Deer Roundup: On DWTS, AC/DC, MLB and CFL (no, really)

This is, without a doubt, the worst part of the year if you’re a sports fan. Your NHL team is probably out of the playoffs, your NBA team probably pales in comparison to the Golden State Warriors, the NFL is a long way away, and MLB is just under a month from starting.

I never thought I’d say this, but “help me Major League Baseball, you’re my only hope.”

 photo help-me-obi-wan_zps44m4umby.jpg

•  Major League Baseball can’t stop me from watching this though.

Flutie was known for his footwork just as much as for his work through the air so it’s quite possible he does well in this competition. Wait, am I *actually* analysing “Dancing with the Stars”? Tell me you wouldn’t want to watch an All-CFL DWTS cast including the likes of Pinball Clemons and Gizmo Williams. Somebody make this happen.

•  Man, I suck at Name That Tune. I decided to check it out tonight but outside of AC/DC’s “TNT”, I was royally screwed. I apologize to everyone that was a fan of this stuff but I can’t believe THIS was a thing:

•  Speaking of AC/DC. Brian Johnson has been ordered to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. I was lucky enough to see them one last time in Edmonton at Commonwealth Stadium in September.

 photo 12046666_972267346170766_2658887935278976139_n_zpstdyfxowv.jpg

•  The CFL rules committee was back at it this week. They proposed that the CFL add an extra video official, add to the amount of plays that are reviewable, and expand on what’s defined as a dangerous and illegal peel-back block. Let Glen Johnson explain what all of this means. None of the proposed changes seem nearly as drastic as the rules implemented last season.

•  Bob O’Billovich is back in the CFL as a scout with the BC Lions along with Bill Siedrick. Bobby O was last the general manger of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2012.

•  Geroy Simon is now the director of CIS scouting for the Lions too. He isn’t moving up the coaching ranks quite as quickly as Anthony Calvillo, is he?

•  Paul McCallum signed a one-day contract with BC to retire as a Lion. People may remember him as the player to have manure dumped on his lawn in Regina but I’ll remember him as the last active player from the XFL.

•  Tim Allen is an Argo fan?

•  The National Combine roster is ready to rock.

•  The Combine jerseys show us a little of what we can expect from the new team jerseys expected to debut this spring.

•  What an amazing story: Brandon Whitaker tells the story about his mom making it out alive after the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

•  The BC Lions have announced the signings of two American receivers.

•  Don’t worry. A Canadian team *will* win the Cup this year. The *Grey* Cup, that is...

•  The Blue Bombers invite season ticket holders to “Make the Call” . I would absolutely *love* to give this a shot.

•  Saskatchewan’s new football facility looks incredible. I was definitely wiping drool off my chin the first time I saw these photos.

Just two more months until the CFL Draft. I totally wish I could hibernate the offseason away.


– written by Travis Currah