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Hear James Franklin’s impression of Chris Jones on Eskimo Empire podcast episode 36

Eskimos quarterback James Franklin is in the Turf District! Yes, it actually happened. On episode 35 of the Eskimo Empire podcast, James tells the guys about what it was like to play in a big college setting and his journey to become an Eskimo player, and now, a Grey Cup Champ. Find out who started singing the “Franklin the Turtle” theme and why James thinks it’s a good comparison.

Franklin does both motivational speaking and personal training in the offseason and his charisma definitely lends itself to both – Also, his Chris Jones impression may be the best yet.

After coming back down to earth, Chad talks with the boys about how he became a fan and his favorite Esk players. They all cover the latest in Eskimo signings, other news, and, of course, more on the schedule. You can find the podcast on iTunes and direct download, or just click on the banner directly below.

We will absolutely talk to you next week.

– written by Andrew Hoskins