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USFL trivia questions from the Rouge, White & Blue podcast

Now that the week is ending, sentimental nutjobs such as yours truly and Joe Pritchard can stop reminiscing about that mid-1980s experiment with spring football, the United States Football League. But here’s one parting shot: Episode 16 of the Rouge, White and Blue USFL CFL podcast!

So we tried (minimally) to stay on the topic of CFL football, but in a dead zone period dominated by the non-news of Tim Tebow potentially coming to play in Canada – a 2016 reiteration of an annual rumor that even social media has lost interest in six days later – but, as stated above, we’re nutjobs for the CFL and so found it easy to fill an hour or so with history talk and musing of alternate universes...

But hey, any piece on the USFL is going to be evergreen, right? The league and its mythology are forever trapped in amber, flash-frozen far enough back in history that Republican Party-loyal voters in the US apparently cannot even hold a grudge with one of the main causes of the league’s sorry extinction

Therefore, CFLpass presents five USFL trivia questions, which we went over in Rouge, White and Blue. To reveal the answers hidden directly below the questions, just highlight.

1. Three players are tied for the all-time USFL record with five field goals in a single game. Who was the first to do it and what team did he play for?

2. Which is the only USFL team generally accepted to have turned a profit in its first season?

3. Five former USFL players are in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame; how many are in the United States’ Pro Football Hall of Fame and who are they?

4. Had the 1986 season been played with the teams scheduled, which original franchises – no relocated or merged franchises count here – remained from 1983?

5. Aside from the Arizona Outlaws, what franchise would have been the westernmost geographically for the 1986 season?


1. Scott Norwood for the Birmingham Stallions

2. The Denver Gold

3. Four: Jim Kelly (Houston Gamblers), Reggie White (Memphis Showboats), Steve Young (LA Express), Gary Zimmerman (LA Express)

4. The Birmingham Stallions and Tampa Bay Bandits

5. The Memphis Showboats

Episode 16 of the Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast: We’ll get back to the subject of, um, CFL football next week. We promise!

– written by Os Davis