CFL Pass

Behold, the ultimate CFL man cave!

Just over a year ago, it was reported that movie theatre attendance has hit its lowest point in two decades while concert attendance hasn’t been faring much better, either.

But why is this happening? Behold the *exact* reason:

I’m a big supporter of getting out there and supporting live events but if I had this, I’d struggle to find reasons to leave my basement. Hell, don’t they offer grocery delivery services now? I’d *never* leave!

Why would I get in the truck, gas up, jump on the train to Commonwealth Stadium, pay $8 for a beer and either sweat through my shirt or freeze my kiester off? Home theatres like this are the exact reason attendance everywhere is struggling.

It’s hard to not come off as really negative, but I am absolutely green with envy (and Rider Pride) and I’m wondering how to get an invite to this guy’s place. I even spot a popcorn machine along with T-shirts paying tribute to the Baltimore Stallions and Birmingham Barracudas.

I was just going to buy tickets to Saskatchewan’s final home game at Mosaic Stadium but I might see if I can pay to watch it at this guy’s place instead…

– written by Travis Currah