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Tebow to the CFL rumours arise – again

Much like the Grey Cup being presented every November, CFL free agency starting every February and the sun setting in the West every *day*, it seems like rumours of Tim Tebow coming to Canada come about every off-season.

It’s almost a tradition you can set your watch to. But *should* the former Heisman winner come to Canada?

Peter King does mention that quarterbacks in the Canadian Football League require pinpoint accuracy, an obvious weakness with Tebow, but that isn’t exactly the case. I say the bigger field allows more room for error; arm strength becomes more paramount North of the 49th, however. Those wide side throws can look like they’re a mile long sometimes. Tebow’s prowess on the ground wouldn’t hurt his chances either.

Sure, the stats are terrible. His career QB rating in the National Football League is a dismal 33.4 and his completion percentage is a hair below 48%, but you can’t deny one stat: Winning.

Who could forget Tebow’s 2011 season in Denver when he put together an 8-5 record including six game winning drives/comebacks and a playoff win?

You can say it was Denver’s defense that kept them in every game (much like this year) but Tebow was able to summon a higher power (or something) and make plays when it mattered.

Doesn’t this seem like something only Jim Popp could pull off? Ahman Green, Chad Ochocinco, and most recently Michael Sam have all come to Montreal to fail one way or another. Popp loves to make the big splash: whether it succeeds or not is a completely different story.

Maybe a big splash is exactly what the Montreal Alouettes need. They’re a team up to their neck with salary cap issues forcing veteran players SJ Green and Chip Cox to restructure their deals to stay and Montreal is quickly becoming the oldest team in the league that everyone is picking to finish last in the East in 2016. It’s not like Kevin Glenn hasn’t been pushed to the side on any other CFL team, either. (sarcasm)

Tim Tebow would, without a doubt, sell tickets and get people talking about the CFL. I mean, the guy is still top five in popularity among quarterbacks in the NFL.

If Tebow wants any sort of a pro football career, he’ll give Jim Popp a call. And that’s not a bad thing.

– written by Travis Currah