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Rouge, White and Blue, ep. 13: Talking Tiger-Cats, movies with Josh Smith

Episode 13 of the Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast is now online; in our run of interviews with what we called “superfans” back in the day, Josh Smith of Podskeeweewee and 3 Down Nation joins us this week.

Now Joe Pritchard and yours truly knew we’d be talking lotsa Hamilton Tiger-Cats football, particularly with regard to the CFL free agency period, but in the best traditions of sports podcasting, things tended to go off-topic once in a while.

(Incidentally, sports podcasters in general should give up referring to “going off the rails” when a bit of digression sneaks in. After all, 99% of podcasts travel into Tangent Land in nearly every episode – podcasts are *born* off the rails.)

And so the subject matter in Rouge, White and Blue detours into other favoured professional sports teams, how the mightiest of sports curses is blown away so easily (Hang on, Chicago Cubs fans and, to a a lesser but no less painful extent, Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans, that championship title is coming…) and some of Hollywood’s top movies of 2015.

We won’t divulge too many spoilers here, but Josh reveals his top movie of ’15 as well as his favourite among the Academy Award “best picture” nominees while Os argues that Hollywood’s truly best flick of last year was robbed. There’s also this beautiful moment:

Gotta love podcasting – and you can with the Rouge, White and Blue, too! Check out episode 13 right here or by clicking on the embedded player above. Thanks for listening and talk to you next week!

– written by Os Davis