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Nate Coehoorn guests on Eskimo Empire podcast episode 34

New coaches, free agency around the corner and a current Grey Cup champion player join the Eskimo Empire Podcast for Episode 34! Andrew welcomes back Doug to the co-hosting chair and his first time in the upgraded Turf District. They start with some reminiscing of old Eskimo teams. Andrew saw two older games and the boys discuss the differences in the way the game is played and those Eskie greats.

For the first time in a regular podcast, the boys are joined by a current player - "Mr. second Down" #85, Nate Coehoorn! Nate tells us about playing high school and CIS football and how surreal draft day was. The boys find out where the "air guitar" celebration came from and what it's like being a National receiver when new International receivers join as rookies. Get to know Nate even better with a few rapid fire questions too.

Andrew and Doug wrap the show with a breakdown of the new Eskimo coaching staff. As always, the latest Eskimo news and more free agency predictions! You can find the podcast on iTunes right here or click on the banner directly below. We will absolutely talk to you in two weeks.

– written by Andrew Hoskins