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Red Deer Roundup: Moves fast and furious

We are less than two weeks from CFL free agency opening up and the moves this week were fast and furious.

•  Long-time Roughrider Weston Dressler is now a Winnipeg Blue Bomber for at least the next two seasons. It’s going to be downright weird seeing him in Blue & Gold come Labour Day. Drew Willy will appreciate a competent receiver in Winnipeg though.

•  John Chick, on the other hand, will join Kent Austin and Andy Fantuz in Hamilton. All of this is just salt in the wounds for Rider Nation. Maybe this means Hamilton is okay with losing Justin Hickman to free agency.

•  On a positive note for Rider fans, Rob Bagg has signed a new contract that will keep him in Regina through the 2018 season. So there will be at least *two* familiar faces now that they’ve already announced Darian Durant will be their starter in 2016. Can you believe Bagg was “undrafted”?

•  Alouettes fans will be happy to see Duron Carter back in Montreal next season. Many expect him to take another shot at the NFL in 2017.

•  Quarterback Tanner Marsh is no longer with the Alouettes. Maybe Montreal will realize that “quality” is always better than “quantity”.

•  And another Als’ quarterback was selected to the new Major League Football. Hmm…

•  Joe Montana was almost an Argo? Whaaaaat?

•  Travis Lulay must have this classic from “the Clash” stuck in his head...

•  Some items from the Canadian Football Hall of Fame that aren’t moving to Tim Horton’s Field will be for sale on January 31st. Why can’t they have an online sale?

•  Here’s hoping we get the 2016 schedule in the next three weeks or so..

•  So much for former CFL quarterback and coach Danny Barrett returning to the league. He’s now a running back coach in Miami.

One more roundup before free agency hits. This last week could be another busy one...

– written by Travis Currah