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Rouge White & Blue episode 11: John Fraser positive about Bombers?

Despite a reputation earned in his 2 And Out co-hosting gig for edgy pessimism and razor-sharp rants aimed at his Winnipeg Blue Bombers, John Fraser is strangely … at peace in episode 11 of the Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast.

Perhaps all Fraser and his fellow Bombers backers need is a solid offseason to ease the frustration of several seasons; in which case Joe Pritchard and yours truly were happy to host him during that part of the season when most news involves the NFL beckoning players from or dispatching them to the CFL.

Truth is that – this far out from kickoff, anyway – Fraser likes the Bombers’ chances in 2016. The positives that Paul LaPolice brings to the sideline combined with the young, high-upside offensive line and the (then-imminent, now official) signing of Weston Dressler already bode well for the near future.

In John’s estimation, anyway. Not sure if fellow Bombers fan Joe is won over to the bright side…

So while you’re seeking to fill time during a period soon to be bereft of football – or even until the next episode of “2 And Out” drops, get your fix with Mr. Fraser in episode 11 of the Rouge, White and Blue podcast

Thanks for listening and talk to you next week!

– written by Os Davis