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Morley and Dave of 630 CHED join Eskimo Empire podcast for Episode 33

The Eskimo Empire podcast returns for Episode 33! Andrew and Uncle Tim are joined in the Turf District by the 630 CHED Eskimo broadcast team of Morley Scott and Dave Campbell.

Morley and Dave have worked together for 20 years and have served as the Esks broadcasting tandem since 2010. Morley went to sleep most nights listening to some kind of game on the radio and Dave was making his own play by play tapes when he was a kid.

The boys each get into their history in radio and sports play calling on this episode, but the talk doesn’t end there, as they offer insights into Twitter and how it has evolved for them, i.e. Dave is now a Twitter lover and not a fighter. After a rapid-fire question segment, the guys all get into the latest Eskimo news.

The hiring of Jason Maas seems to be well-received, as is DC Benevides and OL Gibson, leaving only one other matter for the show: wild speculation! The guys cover the big name free agents on each team throughout the CFL and who they think will stay or go: Does Ryan Smith stay a Rider? Can the Esks keep Kendial Lawrence or Kenny Stafford? Will Trevor Harris stay in Toronto? All this and more discussed this week plus the announcement of the #EmpirePoints prize!

Episode 33 of the Eskimo Empire Podcast is available here for download or streaming, or click on the banner below for our iTunes channel. We will absolutely talk to you in two weeks.

– written by Andrew Hoskins