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Complete your life: Eskimo Empire host guests on Rouge, White and Blue episode 9

For episode 9 of the Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast, Joe Pritchard and yours truly spare the listeners of wall-to-wall chatter between us and welcome on our first guest: Andrew Hoskins of the excellent Eskimo Empire Podcast. This one’s currently available online for download over at Podbean or, hey, just listen in/download it right here:

This particular episode of Rouge, White and Blue was recorded literally minutes after big business news from the football league down south broke, namely that the relocation of the St. Louis Rams to the Los Angeles area was made official. We discuss the move itself – and consider what exactly fan loyalty in the NFL is worth.

As ever in the offseason, player transactions are at the forefront of CFL news, so we’re on that. This fan loves the re-signing of left guard Kristian Matte with the Montreal Alouettes, and both of us attempt to determine how much of another flurry of activity from the Saskatchewan Roughriders is down to new coach Chris Jones and how much is merely the massive rebuilding most folks are expecting from the ‘Riders for 2016.

And Andrew. Mr. Hoskins is naturally happy to tell us of his team’s defending champion status and the still-warm glow pervading Edmonton a couple months out from the Grey Cup win. Which free agents does the Eskimo Emperor figure *must* stay with the club? What are the expectations for ’16 this far out? And what is Eskimo mystique all about?

Right. So directly after checking out this week’s episode of the Eskimo Empire Podcast, why not give Rouge, White and Blue episode nine a listen as well? Like CFLpass’s own MOP Travis Currah tweeted:

Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you next week!

– written by Os Davis