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Eskimo Empire podcast welcomes Edmonton legend MLB Singor Mobley

Welcome to the Empire! For those of you just finding us, the Eskimo Empire podcast is hosted by Andrew; he's joined by Uncle Tim and a rotating co-host – All of us longtime Eskimo and CFL fans. We bring on Featured Fans to talk about their connection to the Esks and help in the discussion about this week's games, news and Esks chatter. Hope you enjoy the show!

It's the start of a new podcast season, and the Eskimo Empire brings you a great show this week! Episode 32 welcomes Todd into the Turf District to discuss his fandom and his creation of the hammer SCOR! The hammer was 3D printed and, since being signed by both Mike Reilly and James Franklin, the Esks have not lost a game. We also tackle the Esks’ free agent list as to who we think will stay or (*shudder*) go, plus some wild speculation on the coming coaching staff!

If all this isn’t enough, we welcomed former Esks All-Star middle linebacker Singor Mobley into the Turf District! Singor was always a favorite of Andrew's (was his first created jersey ever) so it was a thrill to have him guesting. Singor tells stories from playing with bigger kids at a young age to his dominance as a middle linebacker and how many Grey Cups he feels the Eskimos "should have won": It’s a candid conversation with one of the greats in Eskimo history.

Episode 32 of the Eskimo Empire Podcast is available here for download or streaming, or click the link at the very top for our iTunes channel. We will absolutely talk to you in two weeks.

– written by Andrew Hoskins