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Rouge White and Blue kicks off 2016 by looking (way) back

After an initial post-season flurry of hirings and firings within the coaching ranks – call it Canadian football’s version of Black Monday – the past couple of weeks have been fairly calm for the CFL. But hey, is that gonna stop Joe Pritchard and yours truly from producing another episode of the Rouge White and Blue CFL Podcast? Hell, no!

On episode 8 of Rouge White and Blue, two Americans navel-gaze in telling their stories of CFL fandom – an enterprise which ended up more interesting than it sounds. No, really.

Through this (very) informal oral history, an experience of the CFL emerges which neatly parallels greater trends in broadcasting and evolution in technology. From dependence on snowy TV broadcasts and obscure highlight/blooper-reel VCR tapes to getting season-long coverage on ESPN/ESPN3 and good ol’ Twitter, we’ve managed to enjoy the Canadian football for decades. On and off, admittedly.

Stranger still is the CFL’s current paradoxical status for the American sports fan. Thanks to the latest big contract from ESPN, the games are available live and on tape delay throughout the regular season and playoffs! Websites such as CFLpass are rife, while the TSNs and’s of the world are up to the minute with information! There are fantasy football and pick ‘em games! That’s “games,” plural!

The point here is that access to CFL football from anywhere in the world is *well* easier than ever.

Then why aren’t more Americans like us into this quite frankly awesome sport? Is it the lack of even the tiniest spot of marketing from ESPN, which could stand to make The Mouse even more moolah on what is surely a low-overhead product? It’s the marketing, right? I blame the marketing.

Maybe if CFL game promos were crossed over with, say, Star Wars…

Check out episode 8 of the Rouge White and Blue CFL Podcast via the player above or download for free over at Podbean. Thanks for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week! 

– written by Os Davis