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For Xmas, RWB podcast offers rant on Alouettes, wish list for all nine teams

Anyone listening to CFL-themed podcasts during the holiday season…? With so many of the traditional shows on hiatus during this offseason break, the Rouge White And Blue CFL Podcast may stand nearly alone in continuing production right now – insert “get a life” crack here.

In any event, should you be hardcore enough for CFL talk over the holidays, Rouge White and Blue co-hosts/CFLpass writers Os Davis and Joe Pritchard have got some for you. Check out episode seven for Os’ mini-conniption on the Montreal Alouettes’ continued mistreatment of the guy who really should have been named head coach by now, Noel Thorpe.

We’ve also got a bit on recent transactions in the CFL and draft prospect Juwan Brescacin playing the final game for his Northern Illinois Huskies in the Poinsettia Bowl (unfortunately, this is already dated, with sad results for NIU and Brescacin). And from the Good Cheer Department, Joe presents his letter to Santa, generously requesting niceties for all nine CFL franchises in the 2016 regular season.

Christmas break? Bah, humbug! The Rouge White and Blue podcast will even be back next week – and for now, you can listen to episode #7 directly below…

Happy holidays, everyone!

– written by Os Davis