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One American fan’s plan: Visit all nine CFL stadiums in 2016

This year has been a heck of a year so far for my developing CFL obsession. I played in two leagues at, became involved in numerous pick’em pools, started a blog, co-founded a CFL podcast, went to a regular season game in Hamilton as well as attended the Grey Cup in Winnipeg, and now, am starting a new gig here at CFLpass.

Next year may be even better, if you can believe it, and it started last Friday night.

My wife is, at best, tolerant of my new obsession, but she loves to travel, and her travel side overwhelmed everything else when she suggested that we make plans so that I could see all nine CFL stadiums in one season.

We had been tossing around ideas on what I could start writing about for both this site and my personal CFL blog when this idea came across, and it went through a few variations, but long story short, the idea has settled into place.

There will be logistical hurdles. There are only so many vacation days that I will be able to use, so I will need to make use of holidays and weekends where both, say, Calgary and Edmonton play at home, or Montreal and Ottawa, just to name a few examples. Toronto and Hamilton would also be good most years, but the Grey Cup is in Toronto this year, and I don’t plan to miss that, so Hamilton may have to be a one-off, or I may try to jam the rest of the East into one long weekend.

A lot of these logistical issues will have to wait for the schedule to be released, however, so for now, I will have to wait before any specific plans are made. I’m sure my fan friends around the league will be able to help me with recommendations once it comes time to make solid plans.

But I can start thinking about what I can accomplish to make this worthwhile in more ways than one. My first thought is to write an article about each stadium experience, telling the story of what it’s like for this American on each of his stadium visits. I’m sure there will also be stories to tell for the Rouge White and Blue podcast, as well!

Is it too early to start packing?

– written by Joe Pritchard