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Score from North Dakota: Fighting Hawks 57, Roughriders 43

The dream is dead in North Dakota, but at least the fight to change the mascot at the University of North Dakota is over.

Representatives of the University of North Dakota, the school forced to replace the former “Fighting Sioux” moniker under threat of NCAA sanctions, announced that in a final runoff ballot voted upon by students, alums and others, the “Fighting Hawks” won out over CFLpass’s favoured “Roughriders.”

(I mean, “Fighting Hawks” is a pretty decent name, but still.)

According to the Associated Press report on the announcement, “Roughriders” apparently did not do so well among the student body’s voters:

The school did not release vote totals among the stakeholders, but the UND student body president has said many students prefer Fighting Hawks because it retains some elements of the old nickname and logo. Some versions of Fighting Hawks logos made the rounds on social media, but the school has not endorsed a design.

The runoff election was the last step in a loooooooooooooong process that began with some 1,172 nominations for a new name for UND sports teams.

And so, for now, Saskatchewan will remain home to the only high-level football team called the “Roughriders.” To think the CFL alone once had two…

– written by Os Davis