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2 and Out CFL Podcast ep. 25, guesting Derek Taylor of Sports Centre, is a stat fan’s dream

Episode 25 of the 2 And Out CFL podcast, hosted by CFLpass lead writer Travis Currah and Saskatoon-based sports journo John Fraser is now available online.

So, OK. First up is the conclusion of part one of the Brazilian Ty story. As regular listeners of 2 And Out know, Ty brashly wagered at season’s beginning against the now Nostradamus-looking Fraser on the Ottawa RedBlacks’ fortunes for 2015. “Ha!” declared Ty, with appropriate paraphrasing. “If the Ottawa RedBlacks win, I’ll get a Brazilian wax.”

Well, the chickens (or maybe the lumberjacks) have come home to roost. Fraser and Currah giggle as Ty learns details of the fate that awaits him before this year’s Grey Cup. Basically, this is everything you’ve always wanted (and didn’t want) to know about wax jobs for males in eight minutes or less.

But there’s actually some CFL conversation. In fact, for a stat monkey (yours truly included), this episode is awesome for the science that guest Derek Taylor of Sports Centre kicks. To prepare for this podcast, take a swing at these questions – no googling, now!

•  Which team’s receivers had the fewest dropped passes in 2015?

•  Which individual WR led the league with 21 drops, more than twice as much as nos. 2 and 3 in the stat combined?

•  Who has the CFL’s leading kicker in terms of Taylor’s Points Above Average statistic, a metric based on the Expected Value (EV) stat?

•  What was the combined completion percentage of quarterbacks against Saskatchewan this season?

Download the episode by clicking here or on the banner directly below – get edified on the number behind the CFL Season That Was and, yeah, Manzilians. Brave heart, Ty!

– written by Os Davis