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Season ends – Offense rules in 2015

Now that we’ve got an entire season in the books, let’s take a quick look at what those infamous rule changes have done to offense in 2015. Last season, only four players (three receivers, one running back) were able to break the coveted 1,000-yard plateau; 2015 was an entirely different story, with *fifteen* topping the 1K mark.

Running backs
1. Tyrell Sutton – 1,059 yards
2. Andrew Harris – 1,039 yards
3. Jerome Messam – 1,006 yards

Wide receivers
1. Eric Rogers – 1,448 yards
2. Adarius Bowman – 1,304 yards
3. Chris Williams – 1,214 yards
4. Emmanuel Arceneaux – 1,151 yards
5. Derel Walker – 1,110 yards
6. Greg Ellingson – 1,071 yards
7. Luke Tasker – 1,066 yards
8. Marquay McDaniel – 1,038 yards
9. SJ Green – 1,036 yards
10. Ernest Jackson – 1,036 yards
11. Brad Sinopoli – 1,035 yards
12. Terrell Sinkfield Jr. – 1,030 yards

The RedBlacks had *four* 1,000-yard receivers! Looks like the free agent spending in Ottawa has definitely paid off with the success of that receiving corps a big part of the RedBlacks’ first-place finish in the East division.

While the changes did make a difference, I’m not sure the game was as wide open as we thought it would be: Great defenses like those in Hamilton, Edmonton, and Montreal were still able to shine despite the deck being stacked against them.

Let’s not forget that every single person involved with the game, whether referee, quarterback or cornerback had to learn on the fly with these entirely new rules. As seen in Saskatchewan, it was clearly survival of the fittest, as the best teams were able to adapt a lot faster.

– written by Travis Currah