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In defence of the Grey Cup halftime show

The halftime act for the 103rd Grey Cup in Winnipeg is Illinois-based band Fall Out Boy.

As is the case with every other halftime show, the announcement was met with mixed reactions on social. Most complained that the band wasn’t Canadian, but let me ask you a question: Will either of the quarterbacks in the Grey Cup be Canadian?

Let’s remember what halftime shows are all about here: They’re not directed at your typical football fan or even the people at the stadium. They’re directed at the people at home who could turn on the halftime show to bring even more eyes to the Canadian spectacle that is the Grey Cup.

I’m not a fan of halftime shows in general, as I’d prefer to get right back to the football, but it is what it is and I think the Canadian Football League made a great choice for this year’s party in Winnipeg.

It’s easy to look at Fall Out Boy and think they haven’t been relevant for five years but that’s simply not true. Yes, the band did go on a four-year hiatus starting in 2009 but they returned in 2013 and since then, Fall Out Boy has been on fire – something that’s very rare after a lengthy break like that.

2013’s “Light ‘Em Up” hit #13 on the charts, 2014’s “Centuries” hit  #10, and this year’s “Uma Thurman” debuted at #1 on the US iTunes chart.

They even had a song on the Big Hero 6 soundtrack!

This band is huge and it was a great “get” for the CFL. It should be high energy and a highly entertaining show at the end of November. I just hope they have a plan for how to stay warm...

– written by Travis Currah