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NFL Network gives shoutout to CFLpass, CFL, Calgary Stampeders

On the off-chance you’re playing NFL fantasy football – or, gods help you, daily fantasy – this season and are looking for tips this week, you should definitely check out the Thursday edition of the NFL Network’s “Fantasy/Life” program available online.

CFLpass endorses the program this week not necessarily because the insights are *guaranteed to make you a winner* or any such apple pie-promising nonsense like that, but instead due to the awesome mention of this website and thus CFL ball.

Last week, NFL Network sought tweets marked #ByeWeekBlues in order to garner a little material for the advice segment of the show and, as this fantasy player is still lamenting a bye week for QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, I whined thusly:

And, lo and behold, NFL Network picked me! They picked me!

Go to 33:35 in this video to see a pair of slightly befuddled Americans giving props to the Canadian game. The dialogue went as follows.

“Number one: @CFLpass –”
“Wait a minute, what team is that?”
“That is the, uh, Calgary Stampeders.”
“You rarely see a quarterback wearing number 20.”
“It’s pretty great. We need more of it.”

At this point, I’d like to sincerely thank the NFL Network for the one minute and five seconds of internet fame (just lop it off my allotted 15, mmmmkay?), particularly dedicated as it was to the CFL.

It’s just that … um, well … the logo isn’t just *any* quarterback wearing no. 20, guys. That’s freakin’ *DOUG FLUTIE*, man!

– written by Os Davis